A Proven Lead Generation Process for Cleaning Companies

A Proven Lead Generation Process for Cleaning Companies

Leads are the lifeblood of your cleaning business. New leads mean potential new recurring-revenue clients that could fuel your financials for years to come. It is important for any cleaning company to have a good lead generation process in place to keep bringing in new business.

There are many ways to generate leads for your cleaning company. Not all of them work equally.

Cold calling is a popular approach to lead generation. The reason cold calling is so popular is mostly because it works. It is time tested and proven.

Another reason many companies choose cold calling for lead generation is because it requires relatively little to get started versus other types of lead generation programs. If you have a list, a phone, and something to say you are halfway to the starting line.

But while cold calling is relatively easy to start up, it’s not quite as simple as some “smile and dial” marketers might have led you to believe. There is still the matter of finding the time and/or hiring someone to make all those phone calls. You’ll need some technology in place to manage the process and all the data. Your callers will need to be trained and prepared for conversations to shoot off in unexpected directions. They should be skilled at keeping control of the conversation and bringing it back around to your core message and business objectives.

There is an art to making cold calls, and not everyone “gets it.” It isn’t just another task function of a sales rep. Cold calling is unique skill and not everyone is cut out for it.

Another problem companies of all kinds run into with cold calling is scalability. How do you ramp up your call volume without over extending? This is a key reason why many cleaning companies choose to outsource their lead generation.

Infinite Pipeline has engineered a lead generation process to help market and grow your commercial cleaning business. Our mission is simple: getting you more sales appointments with qualified leads. Our proven approach to generating lead and setting appointments for your company includes research and planning, data processing, mindshare marketing, outbound calling, setting quality appointments, collecting data, and assuring accuracy.

The following outline describes each stage in our proven lead generation process for cleaning companies.


The first step in our process to develop leads is…process! We start by understanding your company’s needs and overall situation. We explore what your long-term goals and objectives are. Then we use this information to custom tailor our proven lead generation process to fit you perfectly. This stage also covers the preparation of data and technology systems to handle the campaign, calls, notes, and leads.

Mindshare Marketing

Next in our cleaning company lead generation process is mindshare marketing. By this we mean gauging and raising awareness about your brand and value proposition. What is your company’s standing in your market? Mindshare is a lot like market share, but focused on perception and awareness rather than dollars and cents.

In this section of our lead generation process, Infinite Pipeline will research your company and see where your mindshare is compared to competitors and the overall market. We will find out where your brand stands with desirable customers in your target area.  Then we’ll develop a strategy for how to improve your mindshare with marketing (grow your service’s popularity) and set the stage for greater growth.

Set the Appointment

This leads us to the next phase in our lead generation process, setting the appointment. Setting an appointment comes after mindshare marketing because awareness comes before interest. Once we create awareness, then we gauge interest. We have found that the best way to gauge interest is to seek to set an appointment. If a prospect agrees to take that next step into your sales funnel, then there’s a good chance they have a genuine interest in your offer.

Quality Assurance

With lead generation comes quality assurance. Infinite Pipeline understands the importance of a quality assurance and producing the best possible outcomes from your lead generation process.

Quality Appointments

We only set appointments with high-quality leads who are not only willing to take an appointment, but who fit your target criteria. Many cleaning companies specialize in specific services or types of clients. We learn what a bad lead looks like for you and we don’t send them your way.

Quality Process

During your project setup we look out for possible issues that might arise and find all possible ways to avoid these issues from the start. Preventative measures are in full affect and we do not take this stage lightly.

Quality Control

We keep meticulous records and frequently review both the broader data and individual results to watch for issues and opportunities to improve our approach and quality of service. This includes recording every call and frequently reviewing recordings for quality assurance.

Quality Communication

We also assure quality by listening to your feedback and keeping close and open communication with you during your lead generation project. When you have questions, you can call us. We’re located in the USA (St. Louis, Missouri) and easy to get in touch with during regular working hours.

Submit the Appointment

Once quality is assured, it is time to submit the appointment to your sales team for follow up. It is important to follow these stages in order so we know everything is in check before setting it with the client. Our preferred way to submit leads to you requires getting calendars coordinated properly across your team and ours. This is well worth the small amount of effort it takes. By locking appointments in on their calendar and yours, your lead appointments are much more likely to “stick” and have a better chance of ending in a sale.

Follow Up

After the appointment has been submitted it is important for your sales rep to follow up with them, such as reminding them about the upcoming meeting and gathering or sharing information needed to prepare for the appointment. Following up with the client helps to ensure your reliability and gains more of their trust in your company.

To find out how Infinite Pipeline can use our successful lead generation process to help your business flourish, contact us today!

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