Lowering the Costs of Lead Generation

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Lowering the Costs of Lead Generation

How Much Does Lead Generation Cost?

The one question we are asked the most here at Infinite Pipeline is, “How much does lead generation cost?” Sometimes this is a simple request for a price quote. Often, however, the question goes much deeper than that. Companies want to understand what goes into a lead generation program and how it will affect their business. We help them consider all angles when evaluating the costs and value of lead generation.


At the surface level, the costs of generating leads for your commercial cleaning business are fairly easy to assess:


  • Recruiting, hiring, training, management
  • Payroll, commissions, benefits, vacation, taxes, etc.
  • Obtaining & managing contact data/lists and tracking pipeline progress
  • Crafting your offer message & sharing it with contacts
  • Quiet space & workstation for making phone calls
  • Process for identifying prospects, nurturing qualified leads, and handing off to sales


A lot of articles have been written that attempt to quantify these costs. Some of them do a commendable job, but high-level numbers and industry averages only tell a small part of the story. The true costs of lead generation are revealed by looking deeper into the business challenges that are commonly related to generating leads.


  • Not having enough leads to fill the sales funnel & keep revenue flowing
  • Time & effort wasted chasing low-quality leads that never close
  • Software/telecom/IT issues
  • Contact data/list maintenance
  • Employee turnover & wrong-fit hires
  • Reporting & results analysis
  • Opportunity Cost — What else could you be focusing resources and energy on?


The direct cost of these bigger challenges is much more difficult to quantify, but it clearly adds up to a lot more than just a bit of HR, an annual salary or two, and a couple of workstations. And the less effective those lead generation efforts are, the higher the cost across the board.


This also highlights the value that can be gained by a better, more successful approach to lead generation. That’s the value we offer with Infinite Pipeline: Better lead generation results at a much lower cost to your business.


Stunning Lead Generation

When companies hire Infinite Pipeline to generate commercial cleaning leads, it’s like adding a call center to their sales department without any of the typical HR, IT, overhead, and administrative investment. We deliver all the value of lead generation (plenty of leads in the sales funnel, contact info updates, market intelligence, growth opportunities, data insights, and more) at a fraction of the cost of DIY programs.  Instead of spending time and money on all the tasks and processes and technologies mentioned above, companies can pay for results instead.


Generating sales leads is something every commercial cleaner will face at one point or another. Some need a boost early on to build up their client portfolio. Some need help later on when their referral network stretches thin. Others will explore new markets and seek out top-quality clients. When the time is right for your business to get serious about lead generation, contact Infinite Pipeline.

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