How to Gain Competitive Advantage in Your Commercial Cleaning Business

How to Gain Competitive Advantage in Your Commercial Cleaning Business

Is there anything quite as satisfying for a service business than gaining true competitive advantage? Knowing beyond a doubt that you’ve got the competition beat?

Consider the current state of your company compared to your competitors. Are you you comfortable at the head of the pack? Have a few Goliaths to topple? Still climbing your way up through the ranks? Competitive landscapes can change easily and unexpectedly, especially in this age of enterprising entrepreneurship, online reviews, and viral callouts. Establishing real competitive advantage over other businesses is way to safeguard your status and keep moving upward.

Infinite Pipeline understands how important your competitive advantage is — so well, in fact, that we’ve built it right into our lead generation business model. Here are five ways we help ensure your cleaning company stands out and stays in front of the competition.

We work exclusively for your commercial cleaning company to give you a great competitive advantage. Your company will be the only company in your target area benefiting from our process.

Our process is simple and we’re easy to work with. Our scheduling and organization is flexible and adaptable. We have a chameleon-like ability to adapt, pivot messaging, or switch zip code targeting with ease. It’s our mission to make lead generation as easy as possible for you.

We are transparent and communicative about insights that can help you be more successful. You will be able to access all call recordings and data, have phone meetings every 2 weeks, and have full access to all your leads. If you need to know any information about your call project or want an updated report, you’ll get it. When we move fast, you can move fast, too.

Intelligence is another competitive advantage we can offer your company. This isn’t a reference to our team’s collective brainpower, we’re talking about the real, actionable data and insights collected through our process. We will capture vital details to fill your customer profiles and key in on your best sales opportunities. We don’t just grasp at any and every lead. We use intelligent insights to identify your best opportunities for growth and leadership.

We will give you the most qualified appointments that are the best match for you company to increase your competitive advantage. We know that the best leads will be the ones that respond punctually, fit your profile, have attainable goals, and are open to form a lasting mutually beneficial relationship with your company. While your competitors keep wasting time on weak calls that aren’t likely to close, we’ll make sure you’re having quality conversations with decision makers who actually need your services and want to meet with you.


Contact us today if you are interested in gaining these competitive advantages for your commercial cleaning company! We’ll get you the leads you need to succeed.

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